Differences between yesterday and today

Maitreya and me made up our minds to wind up for the day and so packed our bags and started walking to bus terminal after collecting some required printouts. As usual we went on laughing with some adult rated jokes and reached the terminal. After a 5 min wait, 188 bus arrived . we boarded it and luckily got seats. Maitreya started listening to his songs in his new LG Optimus 2X and i started looking outside window and started thinking about some thing. I thought of comparing the olden days education and present one. I still remember in my childhood days student walking long distances without basic amenities to get basic education. In our puranas we used to have gurukulam where parents used leave their children near their traditional gurus for education. Students used to serve their gurus and learn the hidden treasure from him. It means guru is more than parents in moulding a child into a responsible citizen. With this type of education, a student respected his parents, wife, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbours, customs, tradition etc. An individual used to lead a austere life by participating in all activities that happened around him in his community. An individual can able to lead a very balanced life by allotting his daily time to children, wife , society, sports, god etc. But what’s lacking is individuals tried to play a safe game in their lives and didn’t aimed for higher goals like driving his own Benz, living in his own bungalow , with unlimited money in bank accounts, lucrative assets, foreign trips etc …
But these days one need to spend thousands of rupees to get decent basic education with extra curricular activities at young age for a child. A child with all unlimited resources before him cannot able to decide useful and useless ones. He is provided with all resources but some are missing which are not taught in school. They are manners, sharing nature between two individuals, unexposed and inability to handle failure, neglecting basics of humanity, over exposing to technology which limits human thinking. In previous days one used to use his brain completely to find one unknown route to discover it but that thinking is replaced by google maps. Google Search has its own pros and cons. For example for a unknown information one who referred many books previously is directly provided with answer which limits ones dimensionality. If one is provided with direct answer he will not have possibility to think in other directions. A quality researcher cannot be born in a day. He must be provided with sufficient time to think in all directions and to come with a apt solution.
Reasons for this transformation is uncountable.Imbalanced and uncontrolled growth in population, parents negligence , media, ambitious minds, inflation , corruption and so on.

So it’s ones responsibility to take care in moulding him into complete responsible citizen. One must be selective in picking his resources to reach his aim and should not crave for everything which is ones out of reach. It’s my point of view in moulding a child into a responsible citizen and I may be wrong in many aspects as i am in midway in performing my assigned roles and I have still long way to go in my life. These are my experiences till now and still need to experience a lot in near future and my thinking may change because rules of the life game are never constant. Bye for now and thanks for reading this part of my blog.



  1. Anitha

    Nice post srikanth 🙂 ..Well Its true .Every coin has both sides.
    We are completely depending on electronic gadgets. I am using calculator even for small calculations!!! We are sticking to our computers and browsing the net for everything instead of exploring the world ,talking to people and learning from them. It makes us lazy.
    But sometimes I feel so frustrated when i don’t have access to search engines because it saves lot of time. After all time plays a vital role in this world.So depending on the situation we have to behave.
    So,In my opinion, we should not completely depend on technology at the same time should use it whenever required.

  2. srikayala

    @sandhya: thanks for viewing my post. I would have contacted you before for the apt title. gurukulam to google title will be very suitable than differences ….

  3. srikayala

    @anitha : thanks for viewing my post. what you said is correct and the problem lies in that. We are not able to draw the differentiating line when the technology is needed and when the mind is needed….

  4. swathi

    its a feel good post and really if one of our elders speak about it we take it as outdated philosophy and we neglect it saying its impractical but lets start grabbing the innovative world with basic morals and have a “balanced life”.

  5. srikanth pudipeddi

    well said srikanth….but the thing is no one cares for the talent what he/she got really ….always run out of box comparing with some one else’s achievement.this has to be made negligable …then one can come up with extra ordinary results…
    more over these days parents are thinking about education what he is getting physically….they are made to find the talent in us and the remaining polishing and the extra info abt that has to done by teacher..but nothing is in that way …thinking makes difference…so everyone is responsible for that and by the time we recognize our talent in a particular we are no way concerned to that field at that stage …so every one should think about that

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