Is it correct to hang the accused???

One brutal incident which had led to death of DAMINI ( AMANAT) had changed the face of the country. Everyone is reacting right up to the point and making sincere efforts to prevent this from happening again.

Well this is fine, what about the accused ones?? Is Hanging is the correct and only one solution to make justice to the girl ? The accused ones are not cold blooded criminals nor they have any criminal history behind them. We don’t know what happened before and only we know is girl is severely hurt and she is no more today. This is a very pathetic situation.

We saw in many movies where the hero commits a crime initially and he realizes later and works for the welfare of the people in his society and takes care so that no one repeats the same mistake again in their lives. With the happened incident, are we sure that at least one of the accused will not change in the future?

Hanging is also one solution but not the only solution. One thing is pretty clear that the girl will never be back but its better to cultivate the good ideas in them rather than killing them. Who knows, the accused might work for the welfare of the women by realizing themselves.

A fruit can never the obtained on the day one when the seed is planted. Certain time is needed to change bad into good. Hope for the best.

Children should be brought up from childhood with good manners and should be far from the unwanted material in the internet and should be able to distinguish from good to bad, wrong to right, god to evil. India is a great country and we have given a great respect to the ladies from the childhood. Modern western culture, civilization, lack of responsible parents and schools are failing to teach the “ammathanam” towards a girl.

No one knows what the schools, colleges parents are trying to make students learn ? is it only subject printed in the books? subject can be available on internet but good manners should only be taught in home and from parents and elders.

If a teacher beats student in school & colleges, these days teachers are being kept in jail. How can a student know and distinguish between good & bad if he doesn’t accept scoldings from elders?? Media projects it in a way that teacher is  killing students and protects the child for that day. This leaves the student in darkness for the whole life without any morals and on one day when the same student commit a crime like what happened today…again media only projects that “Only hanging is only solution”

I dont know how to conclude this presentation but i feel it leaves an idea to think upon.




  1. Sunil Ayalasomayajula

    Srikanth, I agree with you that hanging is not a solution to the problem, however I don’t think any of them has a chance of changing (let’s not get films into the picture here, every time the hero is portrayed in a distorted reality, which seldom exists in the real world) unless they get a harsh punishment – I think there can be no worse punishment to a man than castration and these guys deserve that to the fullest extent – that will send a strong message to anyone who dares go near a woman again with an evil intent.

  2. Pitchireddy

    Could you please explain ,what are the benchmarks to call perpetrators “cold blooded animals”, what makes a parent “responsible parent”.I don’t agree with your arguments on “corporal punishment” and “lack of responsible parents”.Look into the broader picture of society with deeply entrenched patriarchal ,poverty stricken,illiterate,unaccountable government(rapists including in it),no stricter laws,no law enforcement with letter and spirit,delayed justice,teachers don’t know how to teach.What is your solution to those people who not at all go to schools.Changing the society is easier said than done.You’ve to have carrot and stick policy.By the way I’m also not supporting capital punishment.Concentrate on those people which are living in breeding grounds of criminals like slums around the metros,poorest of the poor villages with no stable income .Educate them, provide them productive employment,reduce the inequalities which are aggravated by the capitalism.
    I’m deeply saddened by the way you want to treat the perpetrators of this heinous crime by taking examples from movies.

  3. chin2

    “How can a student know and distinguish between good & bad if he doesn’t accept scoldings from elders??”……
    Exactly….Now tell me what shud we do with the accused

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