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What is correct?

In our lives We come across many choices every day among which we need to select and decide the right among them. It starts with birth(boy or girl) it continues in all phases of life like childhood( selecting clothes, shoes, toys, school) education( engineering,medicine, law, pharmacy, sports, commerce, business) marriage( spouse beauty , qualification , finance status, love, etc..) job( company, salary, reputation) so on. Like this we need to make many decisions out of choices present, which we need to select the CORRECT one.

What is the definition of CORRECT choice? Is there any choice which is a ‘wrong’ ? The decision which we make today might be a wrong some years later and vice versa. I saw individuals who felt that they took a correct decision on a particular day in their past repenting for the same decision they took at present. And at the same time I saw individuals who felt very depressed about the decision they took in past but they are very happy at present. What’s going wrong then?

It’s because every decision we take will have many interdependent results associated with the decision. For example , a student who aims for higher education in foreign countries have to miss their parents for some years. Is aiming for higher education is wrong decision? Because at times, due to our studies or job we cannot able to extend our hand to our parents when it is desperately needed. On the other side if we do not aim for higher studies we fear that we cannot lead a decent life in future . This is only side of thinking. On the other side if achieve decent financial stability we can look after our parents and children without any problem.
So it means that there is no decision that is correct and wrong. It’s all about how we take and how we build on it. One need not repent for the decision he took some years ago. One should dream for a better tomorrow and lead a satisfactory life. At the end of the day satisfaction counts. What’s the use of driving BMW and not getting satisfied and some satisfying even if they ride a bicycle.
We cannot quantify some,like stars, human desires, rain droplets etc. just enjoy them. One the other hand one should not compromise, if an individual compromises on everything we can never have one more Steve Jobs among us. So tag line is don’t compromise but satisfy even though both cannot share same shelter.